Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claims

At Wharton Roofing, we understand the importance of regular roof inspections to maintain the integrity and longevity of your roofing system in Texas. Our team of highly skilled professionals is equipped with the latest technology, including A.I.-assisted drone inspections to provide accurate and comprehensive assessments.

Top-Rated Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claim Service

What is Included in Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claims Service?

When disaster strikes, our team is ready to assist with comprehensive services including:

  • Initial Roof Inspection: We assess storm impacts like wind damage and hail damage to roof shingles.
  • Insurance Claim Filing Assistance: It’s important that we guide you on how to claim storm damage to a roof, enhancing your chances of a successful claim result. What you say when reporting your claim to your insurance can have a negative impact on the success of your insurance claim.
  • Adjuster Coordination: We work directly with your insurance adjuster to advocate on your behalf.
  • Detailed Damage Reports: Proving clear documentation on the extent of damage and necessary repairs to bring your property back to its original pre-storm condition.

Contact Wharton Roofing for professional storm damage roof insurance claims service near you at (979) 534-2014.


Wind Damage: Roof Shingles and Insurance Claims

The Claims Process

Our roof insurance claim process is straightforward and transparent:

  1. Contact and Consultation: Reach out to us immediately following storm damage. We’ll guide you on whether a roof leak or other damage should prompt you to call your insurance company and What You Should Say to the Insurance Company Claims Office.
  2. Assessment and Documentation: Our experts document all damages, which is crucial for filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage. If your roof is leaking, We will install a Blue Tarp on your Texas Roof to keep your home from further water intrusion.
  3. Claim Filing: We assist you in Filing a Roof Insurance Claim in Texas, advocating for your maximum entitlement.
  4. Repair and Closure: Once approved, we promptly repair your roof, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claims with Free Estimates

Benefits of Choosing Wharton Roofing

Choosing Wharton Roofing means opting for reliability and expertise in roof restoration:

  • Expert Handling of Claims: With extensive experience in why insurance companies may deny roof claims, we position your claim for approval.
  • Quality and Durability: We use the best materials to ensure long-lasting roof repairs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment is reflected in every repaired roof and satisfied homeowner.

Wharton Roofing company is open 24/7 for emergency roof repair services. Get the best service with free online estimates for reliable storm damage roof insurance claims.

How Often Should You Schedule a Roofing Inspection in Texas?

Regular inspection of your roof is essential in detecting and addressing potential issues before they escalate. In Texas, it is advisable to schedule a roof inspection at least once a year. However, additional inspections may be necessary after severe weather events or if you notice any signs of roof damage. By prioritizing regular inspections, you can prolong the lifespan of your roof and avoid unexpected problems.

Know Your Insurance Coverage for Roof Damage

Get the best storm damage roof insurance claims service at Wharton Roofing. Experience expert handling of hail and wind damage claims by local roofers near you.

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How much does insurance pay for roof damages?

This depends on your coverage, cause of damage and your deductible. They may pay for repairs or replacing the entire roof.

Why have insurance companies denied roof claims?

Common reasons for denial include wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or
if the roof is too old.

How do you claim storm damage to a roof?

Contact your insurer right away, take photos of the damage, and don’t start
any repairs until you get approval. Your policy allows for and requires you
to take immediate action to prevent further damage. Like putting a Blue
Tarp on a leaking roof to prevent further interior damage until the adjuster
can be scheduled. Keep receipts of any immediate preventative work.

What is considered storm damage to a roof?

Wind, hail, or rain-causing holes, cracks, or missing shingles are all considered storm damage.

What is my deductible?

Insurance Deductibles are the “out of pocket” amount that the homeowner
is responsible for paying. Just like a doctor’s office “Co-Pay”.

Can my deductible be waived?

By law, it is a requirement that is considered insurance fraud for both
parties, if not paid and proven to be paid.

My deductible is several thousand dollars. How can I pay this?

Don’t worry. Wharton Roofing has Special Finance and Payment Options, allowing you to pay the deductible with monthly payments to fit your
budget. At the end of the project, the insurance company will require proof
your deductible has been paid. They accept these documents as proof.

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